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When you burst out crying alone in your room, and you realize that no one truly knows how unhappy you are because you don’t want anyone to know.

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That moment when you CAN’T stop laughing





and everyone else is like

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When a sexy song comes on and no one is around ..

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How NORMAL people run during P.E.

How weird people run during P.E.

The people who can’t keep up in P.E.

How I run in p.e

Here is a fabulous blog for you to follow

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Whenever I try to study, I always just end up laying on my bed doing something random.

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When someone texts you saying they see you.

Then you look stupid in public looking around like:

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When I go to see Struck By Lightning



I’ll enter the theatre and try to contain my fangirling

I’ll be sitting in a stupor during the previews

The movie will begin

If someone insults Chris in any way

Then I’ll see Chris looking insanely attractive every single second

Then the movie will end in an amazing way

Then I’ll cry the entire way home in denial

well this is perfect

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